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Creating a community of transparency helps us grow. We'll share our financials here as well as ambitions and goals. 



Getting the word out about Queer Nudism is a vital part of creating our community. It's going to cost some money. We'll update this information once we have a better ide on our needs.

We're looking to print a HUGE batch of stickers, flags, neon signs, and tents for the beach. We're looking to make a big splash at upcoming Queer community events around the world. We're scheduling through 2025 so we can be at PRIDE events in the US, Canada, Mexico, and beyond. To do this we'll need your help to purchase advertising, promotional materials, make travel arrangements, and attract more Queers to join our body liberation movement. 


We pay our team members who work events, because it's work. Yeah we're having fun but providing a safe, exciting, welcoming, and functioning space requires a team of people to make it happen. 

We guarantee our team members a minimum of $100 for 6 hours work - even if it's at a loss. Nearly 40% of all proceeds go directly to team members working the event. Over the last decade we have paid our Queer nudie team members over $10,000.

We provide bags and other supplies for each event at a cost of rough $60 per event. 


Web hosting: $420 annually

Security Certificate: $480 annually

Customized App: $2500 annually

Web design: volunteer - Nathaniel


It is our estimation that membership fees can cover the cost as it currently stands. We hope to bring a unique, Queer-focused, nudie website that allows us all to express our love for social nudism, connect with Queer nudies around the world, and create a thriving, healthy online community without the censorship & cishet BS that so many other platforms heap on us. 

We hope to find a Queer-owned web hosting company to work with as well as Queer designers to bring this vision to life.


Social media, for all its ills, is part of life now, no matter how much we hate it. We're currently primarily on Twitter & Instagram, with limited presence on Facebook, Tumblr, and Telegram.

All posts, art, and visuals for our socials are made by @idrawdickpics, our host Nathaniel, or we pay a Queer artist a minimum of $100 for the rights to use a single image. 

All our socials are managed by Nathaniel, though a few talented volunteers would be greatly appreciate. 


We believe in ethical travel. We don't want to export a western experience to a foreign country. We want to experience local culture, employ local Queers, and travel as low impact as possible. Despite traveling internationally we still pay & tip at premium rates. Many of the Queers we work with internationally rarely get the opportunity to work with Queers like us so we show our gratitude through fair pay. 


We're naturists which means mother nature is where we're returning to and we strive to be as green as we can. Currently we use plastic bags, not great for the environment. We want to purchase customized, reusable ethically sourced bags for our events and for purchase. We estimate this will cost $2.50 per bag with a bulk purchase of 400 bags. A total one-time purchase cost of $1000+tax & shipping.

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